How to catch Big fish – with Topwater Fishing Snake lure

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Here are a Few Key tips for you fisherman using the Original Fishing Snake lures who are serious about catching the Biggest fish of your life- and this works for Saltwater predatory species as well.

Use a 7-8 foot medium to medium heavy Spinning rod with a Good quality Spinning reel such as the Bass Professor’s Wavespin reel filled with 20-30lb Braid line. To this connect a 2-3 foot segment of 15-25lb Fluorocarbon leader material via a Uni-knot, similar or mini swivel- you now have the ultimate rig for long casts and  an invisible connection to your lure/bait.

Rig your Topwater Original Fishing Snake lure and while keeping the knot/swivel outside the rod tip make long casts actually onto the Shore/bank or onto logs,lilly pads,rocks etc. The actual places you see snakes,frogs, lizards,turtles, gators sunning themselves.

Enter the Snake into the water only 6 inches to a foot then stop and let him sit there coiled on the surface of the water, be ready as the vibrations he made entering the water will often provoke some serious topwater explosions. Retrieve him another foot or so after waiting approximately 15 seconds if not bit, pause again and move your rod tip off to one side changing the direction of the snakes head- these are all natural movements of snakes in the water. Again stop, pause let him rest- I can’t tell you how many times my  Fishing Snake has simply been sitting on top of the water and then just dissapears like a cricket getting inhaled off the surface of the water by a bluegill- yet this predator is 5lb’s plus, also don’t tell me you don’t have 5lb plus fish and this 11 inch long snake is too big for your fish to eat- BS!

I have caught 8 inch long bass on this Snake lure,  up to 13+ lb Bass as well as Snook, Tarpon,Cobia Redfish,Pike,Striped Bass and many others, not to mention the 12,000 plus picture we have received of many species fish all caught on the Snake lure from around the world. Remember long casts, use the invisible connection Rig, fish slow,slower- the Snake is in the water seeking a meal himself but screws up and becomes DINNER- make sense?

Try it it works and will for your other lures as well. Turn off your trolling motor and drift/push pole, paddle into areas you know hold fish they will bite once settled. This is their environment/territory and have likely been pressured- In reality it is as though you are hunting be part of the environment turn off your electronics- that pinging sound your depth finder emits is not natural and simply alerts fish you are in the area- fish your spot then turn it off.

Be back with you soon for some more tips to help you catch the biggest fish of your life. follow us on Facebook,Twitter and here on the website- snakelurefisher.

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